Be A Man Do The Right Thing – Funny Puzzle Game Apk İndir

10 Eyl 2020
4.4 ve sonrası
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Be A Man Do The Right Thing – Funny Puzzle Game Apk İndir

A tricky and relaxing puzzle game puts you in the shoes of a uygar man. Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain teaser tests in order to be the man! Each level presents you with a scenario that you will have to use your IQ and wit to solve. Solve the funny challenges correctly and Be a Man – Do the Right Thing!

Its tough being a man in the modern world. Making the right decisions is often not just hard, but down right confusing. Quot;Be a Manquot; gives you the chance to play out all these situations in any way you like! Awkward and hilarious situations, each with multiple outcomes depending on the decisions you make.

Be A Man: Do The Right Thing – Funny Puzzle Game 2022 APK Ücretsiz İndir

This is a game about being a çağdaş man: One who is emotionally, psychologically, mentally, spiritually, physically, nutritionally, and socially balanced while being careful and considerate living a processed foods-free, GMO-free, negative energy-free, BPA-free, body positive, socially conscious life that is egalitarian but also authoritative, nurturing yet independent, gentle but not overly permissive, all the while charming and fun yet serious when he needs to be, özgü a killer six pack AND a dad-bod, fluently speaks a foreign secondary language and may even be able to defuse a bomb if he needs to…. And don’t forget the yoga! Namaste!

– Casual Scenario-Based Puzzle Game
– Problem Solving
– Over 30 funny scenarios each with multiple endings
– Innovative controls through touch, motion, and voice to creatively interact with your environment
– Funniest game of the year
– Probably the manliest mobile game youll ever play! Guarantee to put some hairs on your chest!
– As long as you make a choice, there is no right and wrong!

The game will require access to the following permissions:

Microphone – Some of the stages will require the use of the phones microphone

Location – Is used to determine the language that will be used in the game


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