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Hileli Power Bar APK İndir

Power Bar is a FREE easy to use and customizable battery indicator that is always visible at the top of your screen! Stop worrying about the exact percentage your phones charge is at, with Power Bar you know your status with one click glance!

As many customizable percentages as youd like that you can associate with any color you like so you can easily see how your charge is doing with one quick glance!

Power Bar reflects your current battery charge by stretching across the top of your screen. If your battery is at 100%, Power Bar stretches across 100% of the screen, and as your battery drains, Power Bar shrinks!

Many different options including the thickness of the bar, the colors and brightness/alpha of the bar, different animations that can play when your phone is plugged in and charging, also able to automatically hide the bar when using full screen apps!

New option to fill the whole status bar!

**NOTE** Android Oreo update removes the ability to overwrite the notification bar, app may only display under notification bar because of this.

Doesnt require any extreme permissions like some other apps, only needs to be able to draw over other apps so it can always be there to give you that valuable power level information! It will even show on your lock screen!

Does Power Bar use more battery though? Good question.

Power Bar Apk Full indir

That means it hardly uses any more energy than your phone already would be!

Features Include:

•  Power Bar can be set at any height from 1 pixel up to 175 pixels (average height of the status bar)
•  Choose any color available for your own customizations!
•  Uses very little battery
•  Power Bar can hide when using full screen apps like videos and games
•  Optional charging animations, tons to choose from
•  Ability to have it start automatically each time you restart your phone
•  Show your battery percentage below the battery bar
•  Gradients, Segments or Single colours all available for free!

If you enjoy the app or have any issues, send me an email anytime and I can hopefully fix them for you ASAP.



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