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#A smartphones are required to play this game.

Racing Wars is a local multiplayer car racing game on AirConsole. A fun game for parties and get-togethers. Players can choose between three modes: Fast Cup, Super Cup, and War Cup. Each of those modes features three different tracks with a unique rock n’ roll soundtrack.

In each mode, players drive through different beautiful landscapes such as forest, corn fields, and cities. To win the game a player must score 10 points or finish the race with the most points. To score points you must stay within the camera play area at all times by avoiding being hit by other players and by evading obstacles.

Racing Wars features awesome cars and power-ups that give players different abilities or equipment. Power-ups include a speed boost, mines that players can drop behind themselves, a rocket to hunt down other opponents and blow them out the game and a magnetic whomp that push other players far away from you.

Each mode comes with its own advantages. In the Fast Cup, the player’s goals are simple. The player who is the fastest and avoids driving into obstacles or being hit wins.

Racing Wars Güncel Apk İndir

During the races, power-ups appear more frequently. Players can boost their speed, plant landmines or equip your vehicle with a rocket to blow your enemies away. The last man standing wins.

Super Cup is a balance between Fast Cup and War Cup. In Super Cup, players enjoy a well-balanced mix of power-up items that helps players get to the finish line fastest.

Although the premise of the game is simple, Racing Wars packs more than a punch. It is an aesthetically attractive 3D game with fun colors and an appealing graphical style. It is a great game to entertain children or to host a fun game night with adults.

Press the Start Button and have fun!

About AirConsole:

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