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Train With Jordan – Gym Home Apk İndir

Get clear on your training for weight loss, gain muscle and burn fat with a fully guided fitness app. Choose between gym workout, home workout, or both and Train With Jordan, your virtual personal trainer.

Your Trainer
Jordan is trusted by over 11 million men and women on weight loss and training on social media. He is a Certified Fitness Trainer with over 13 years of fitness and training experience.

Jordan started with a skinny body, got fat and overweight, lost weight, and now ripped and helping millions worldwide in weight loss with his gym and home workout program.

Who Is This Made For?
• Men looking to burn belly and chest fat, lose love handles, weight loss, build muscles and get abs
• Underweight men looking to gain weight and build muscles
• Women looking for weight loss, tone and sculpt thighs, buttocks, lose belly fat, and love handles

• Complete gym workout (Beginner to Advanced)
• Complete bodyweight home workout (Beginner to Advanced)
• Jordan Yeoh fitness timer
• 100 gym exercise guide
• Weekly fitness tips
• Asian and Western recipes
• Nutrition guide for weight loss and muscle building

Complete Gym Workout (Men amp; Women)
The gym workout program comes with a 10-week beginner foundation. Here you train with good form and posture for every gym workout exercise in the program. Then you level up to intermediate and advanced gym workout routines for massive fat loss and muscle building results.

Gym Exercise Guide:
Over 100 gym workout exercise guides to shape, tone and build your chest, shoulder, back, biceps, triceps, thighs, calves, legs, buttocks, lower body, and abs.

Getting your biçim and posture right when you do gym workout exercises helps increase your strength, improve your weight loss, and build muscles safely.

Gym workout exercises covered:
Chest workout: Dumbbell press, Bench press, Push up, Chest cable workout
Shoulder workout: Shoulder Press, Lateral raise
Back workout: Pull ups, Lat pull down, Dumbbell row
Biceps workout: Barbell curl, Dumbbell curl
Triceps workout: Triceps dips, Triceps cable workout
Lower body workout: Squats for buttocks and Hips, Deadlift, Leg press, Lunges, Calves workout
Abs workout: Leg raises, Ab crunches, … and 100 more!

Complete Bodyweight Home Workout (Men amp; Women)
Experience high intensity, massive fat burning, and weight loss when you workout at home with Jordan’s fully guided bodyweight program. It comes with warm up and cool down exercises and stretches to help you train safely and reduce muscle soreness.

Nutrition Guide For Weight Loss And Muscle Building
Get coaching with our best nutrition guide. Learn how to calculate your calories, what foods to eat, how to manage your diet long term, and get weight loss results within 3-6 months.

Train With Jordan – Gym


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