Ücretsiz Toucan – charity giving Apk İndir

31 May 2022
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Ücretsiz Toucan – charity giving Apk İndir

Thousands of charities. Regular, flexible donations. One simple app.

Toucan lets you create a giving portfolio of up to three charities and split a monthly donation between them. Choose from thousands and support them long term or play the field and switch it up each month.

Search for something specific or tell us which causes you care about and we’ll show you some charities we think you could help.

Discover charities for climate change, sustainability, mental health, homlessness, veterans, education and everything in between.

Track your impact and all the good you’re doing. Then shout about it.
Share it with the world. Recruit followers to your noble mission. All while lying totally horizontal on the sofa.

Toucan is about feeling better about doing good. But, it’s also about doing good even on your bad days.

Every time you cancel a dinner or forget a name or miss a deadline, there’s Toucan. A good deed taking place in your pocket, making you feel less guilty on your not-so-great days.

Toucan – charity giving 2022 APK Ücretsiz İndir

But you can set up a flexible, monthly donation and still feel pretty great.

What can you do with Toucan?

Discover thousands of charities, from the little guys to the big hitters like Amnesty, Macmillan, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA and more.
Search for charities by name or cause or location.
All charities fall under one or more causes. Just choose the causes you care about most and start browsing.
Share your location and well show you some charities nearby that need your support.

Create a flexible giving portfolio and give entirely on your own terms

We donate on your behalf. So when you start supporting a charity, you’re not signing up to a lifetime of cold calls if you decide to stop donating.
You split your donation between up to three charities a month and change those charities whenever you want.
Amend your donation whenever you want. Take it down a bit, increase it ten fold, even put it on pause for a month or two.

Track your impact and share it with the world

Your donation history is all kept under one roof, allowing you to easily track the good you’re doing.
Share your donations directly from the app and ask friends to support the causes you care about. Text, WhatsApp, email. It all helps.


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