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Yuh Pay. Save. Invest. 2022 APK İndir

With Yuh, you can hisse, save and invest – all in one app. We support you when you make everyday payments, help you realise your dreams when you save and set out on new adventures with you when you invest. Yuh is the result of a collaboration between two of Switzerland’s biggest banks, PostFinance and Swissquote, and offers the perfect blend of reliability and innovation.
This is why youll love Yuh:
• One app to hisse, save and invest.
• Get the best exchange rate in Switzerland in 13 currencies.
• Create saving projects for all of your financial goals, manage them under one mobile app.
• 1 free ATM withdrawal per week in Switzerland.
• Full control over your Debit Mastercard. Set your monthly card limit, lock, unlock or reorder your card with a tap.
• Push notifications to track all account activity, in real time.
• Buy shares in fractions and start investing from 25 CHF.
Pay in 13 currencies with no hidden fees
Yuh gives you your own free Yuh Debit Mastercard, real-time account movements and a multi-currency account. We offer transparent currency conversion costs with no hidden charges. Account management and card payment fees are also a thing of the past. When you register with Yuh, you get a Swiss account free of charge and with hardly any effort.
Create your savings projects
Yuh makes saving fun.

Yuh: Pay. Save. Invest. Apk Full download

You can check how close you’re getting to your goal whenever you want, access your money whenever you need cash, and decide whether you want to make a one-off geçirme or set up a standing order. You make the rules.
Invest in over 200 Stocks, 24 cryptos amp; 5 ETFs
Make investments inspired by your own ideas and tailored to your budget with the lowest possible risk. With Yuh, you can trade the biggest cryptos whenever you want. If your aim is to invest in shares, we offer a wide range of the most sought-after investment products. We also assess the environmental and ethical values of the companies behind the shares (ESG ranking) to make sure you can invest with a clear conscience. Thanks to our Trending Themes, you can invest in trends that interest you without having to select individual stocks. Finally, ETFs also offer an easy, low-risk way to profit from global markets. Theyre cost-effective, transparent, highly diversified and flexible.
Swissqoins, our unique reward program
Yuh is the first finance app to share its profits with its Yuhsers thanks to Swissqoins, an innovative crypto-token, whose value grows every month, as Yuh reinvests part of its revenue back into it. It’s a unique concept: the more you use the app, the more Swissqoins you earn and the more you can benefit from Yuh’s rewards. You can also redeem your Swissqoins for cash at any time, or simply hold on to them and watch them grow in value every month.
If you need help, we can support your decision-making with various tools and explain how easily you can manage your finances. We share ideas and inspiration with our Yuhsers on our exclusive YuhLearn section.
The banking and financial services offered in the Yuh app are provided by Swissquote, which is authorised by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. In this framework, you benefit from all the protections provided by the Swiss banking law and other Swiss financial laws, including the 100000 CHF protection in case of bankruptcy, and banking secrecy. Our focus is to offer affordable services packed into a convenient mobile app. And also to tell you that we think youre just great.
Are you ready for Yuh? Then create your account via the app, it’s seriously fast and easy! We can’t wait to welcome you!


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